When you buy a new ironing board cover and you haven't checked length, 'cause who would have thought that they aren't the same……..yeah, me.

So improvise! Had some fabric in the stash, cut out a whole new one for later and added a new piece to the bought one to make it fit!


Now I can get back to the task at hand which is ironing clothes and making them fit into the very small closet.

Kat xo



House Moving

So here we sit in our awesome red chairs, pondering tomorrow’s moving of stuff, hanging of pictures and shelves to be fixing.

The house sit came to an end on Saturday as we said goodbye to Joe and began the next phase of the adventure.

So it has been an industrious and busy unpack, culling some things and freaking out over electrical appliances not working. Thanks Google, we fixed the tv!! Oh and a new cable helped also! 😂😂

We have stripped the auction chairs and re-oiled them and gave them new feet. We now just need a table to work with them.

I’ve given a large pot and umbrella stand (previous target plate and mannequin stand!) a revamp in Satin Lagoon, a new South Western feel with the terra-cotta.

We have created a gallery wall and hung the hat racks in the spare bedroom which is almost tidy enough for a bed now.

We’ve installed a bin drawer, glass/grocery shelves and put together a shelf cabinet for the wardrobe and more. I am the flat-pack queen! Might get a job doing this!

Jack’s organised the shed, put together the BBQ or grill, mounted a tv on the wall and drilled and screwed where things needed to go. It has certainly made it interesting with a number of walls being concrete.

We have done a shoot or two and I neglected to put up the one from couple of weeks ago. Had a blast!

Had a day out with the girls to Eumundi Markets through last week. Sensational day!

Hope you’ve been busy and productive!

Stay chilled and carry on!

Kat xo

Looking For Work!

In the hustle and bustle of moving and re-establishing, waiting for my machines, fabrics and more, I’ve been scouring the job sites and many agencies with no such luck so far.

They all want experience in this that and the other but I have so much to give and could do them and more!

Here’s my job request ad! Maybe this will spark some interest!

I need some work, I’ll do anything,

All you need do, is give me a ring.

I just need a chance,

Here I thank you in advance.

Tomorrow is not a given

So for 4 years I’ve been livin’.

Nows my chance to prove to you

Hire me! Won’t be sorry if you do!

Anywhere along the Gold Coast

As far up as the Sunshine Coast,

I’ll show up with a smile

Give you more than a mile.

My work dedication

Proven history is sayin’

A qualified ceramics teacher,

Cake decorating had a feature,

Then ActewAgl for collections by phone,

This is what brought me into my own.

Team player, individual, met KPI,

System development, gave it a try

Then Supervisor and Manager Acting,

I soon left Credit for a better thing.

Operations was next, liaising with all,

Contractors, staff, had an absolute ball.

Inductions, moved furniture, set up IT,

Reporting, planning, I loved it you see!

A diploma was given for advancement in skill,

Then a Cert IV, still going with will.

I moved into Safety and down to the dam,

The Cotter was growing and so was my plan.

I gained confidence and approval from all these tough blokes,

I assisted, cared and laughed with their jokes.

Front end loaders and moxies I wish I had driven,

But confined spaces, tower cranes with them I was smitten.

Down to the poo farm for the next role,

Not afraid to get dirty I would go down that hole.

You see an all rounder willing to learn,

Challenge me as I’ve energy to burn.

So here now again I must request,

Let me show you how I do my best.

If you read this all the way to the end,

Just give me a call or email me friend.

I’m willing to train and do a lot more,

Just give me a job I’ll be grateful for.

Got to get creative these days!!

Have a good one and make each day count!

Happy New Year!

Jack, myself and Clancy got settled into an evening of drinks, music, swimming, snacks and dinner.

Joe (the house sit pup) was doing laps around the yard and waiting patiently for his snacks and dinner.

As the mozzie coil burns, the candle glows and the sound of some bit too close for comfort cane toads make their bullfrog noises, Jack and I would like to wish all our family near and far, cowboys, cowgirls and friends a very Happy New Year to you all across the world! May your year be full of good intentions, goals to be achieved and much much more.

love and hugs for a happy and prosperous New Year!

Jack and Kat xoxo


Jack and I are getting sorted and trying to find cheaper alternatives to new furniture etc that we know is not in the ‘yet to be delivered’ lot.

We found a new source with Lloyds Auctions online and scored pretty well this past week. We picked up 8 outdoor chairs for the back patio for the princely sum of $65 (with auction buyers premium add 12.5% = $73), 3 black mesh backed office chairs for $15 (with one going to my hairdressers son as we only needed 2) and a brand new, still in the wrapping, 7 layered, commercial grade queen mattress for $500 (RRP$3950) 😳😜 absolute bargains!

Back to the outdoor chairs. So with a few extra bucks for cleaner and oil annnnnd a little bit of sweat and elbow grease, the chairs are looking pretty nice! Hmmm one chair short of the can though so we will have to go to the hardware store for more.



After – thinking another coat will be required after they dry.

Not a bad days work in between chasing the dog a couple of times because he snuck out to go the neighbors and annoy their dog before returning when found! Lol!

They are a little patchy in colour but I figure I can pass that off as a ‘rustic intention’.

And THAT my friends is Boxing Day! Almost time for a swim!


Kat xo

P.S. dog behaving now while I am outside typing this.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Jack and I would like to wish all our family, extended families, cowboys and cowgirls near and far, a very Merry Christmas!

Cracker interjected and would also like to wish everyone a happy season of fun, drinks, love and family. It’s his last night for a while!

For those not near your loved ones, for those in hospital, our heartfelt wishes to each and every one of you.

Merry Christmas everyone! 🎄🎅🏻🥂

Love and hugs 😘

Kat xo

Aus Update

Its been a crazy week since we landed back here!

Rustled up the keys to our unit and had Jack freaking out over space and where we are going to fit everything. Ahhhh, but someone has already worked out many, many space saving ideas – Pinterest is my best friend! All will be fine.

We had a fun weekend with The Gamblers last weekend for their Christmas and Club Championship shoot. Thanks surely go to Dug Deeper and Trixie for hosting us the couple of nights. Cracker enjoyed the midnight feasts and breakfast desserts! or maybe that was me!


Jack and I didn’t shoot but once again, spotted, kept score etc and enjoyed everyone’s company. Jack was slightly jet-lagged this time taking himself home early on the Saturday evening while I hung out with the rest until the end. Great time!

Congratulations to Chuck Wagon and Clancy for being Overall Club Champions, Trixie and Lucky Luke for Most Improved and to everyone who placed in their category.

From here we headed back up North to Chuck and Pearl’s where we spent the next few days before the house sit. I reacquainted myself with the gym and it was so nice to be doing it with my bestie, laughing, hurting, having coffee after, pool when we got back home, Margarita’s in the afternoon. What more could two girls want, really!


For those of you that may have met Cracker or not, he has been having many adventurous travels – thinking he might be taken by aliens. Had to explain to him, he is the alien in a foreign country, they aren’t coming to take him, so no foil hats required. He has soothed doggies, tormented elves and has been watching auctions for me. So somewhat helpful despite the redneck character.

We are slowly getting sorted in some sort of order and soon will be not living out of a suitcase for a long while.

Missing my crafting and sewing but won’t be long until I have a great workstation to do it from!

Better get back to some job hunting!

Love and hugs

Kat xo