Unpacking is done, 2 more loads of washing are in their final stages of drying, brass is tumbling, shells are ready for reloading and other gear is stashed.

Time to regroup and get ready for the next round!

Having got back to Oklahoma on Monday evening yesterday and even today has been spent wandering around, feeling worn out, not concentrating on any one thing for more than a few seconds but slowly getting through it.

End Of Trail is done, friends have all gone their separate ways and it's time to get organised again.

I'm still dreading the ironing, that I loathe with a passion, but i'll get there. The machines are calling me and I'm itching to get into another eclectic mix of cowgirl wedding attire, day of the dead and another Hell On Wheels costume.

One bag was put away and 3 more came down from the attic ready for Days of Truth in Oparåny, Czech Republic! Looking forward to a bit of Prague and Germany in a months time. Stay tuned for that trip!

The trophy is in the cabinet and it's time to reset and move on to a new set of goals!


Here's to you and yours! Wherever you may be, hope you got back safely from End Of Trail and we will see you somewhere down the trail.

Kat xo


Now, Where Were We?

Oh yeah, so last Thursday we were heading here to Albuquerque, breakfast on the way, making a quick stop in Weatherford at the Thomas P. Stafford Air and Space Museum….as you do.

We have driven past it a number of times and it's the usual, 'we should stop and have a look at that place one day'. So this day we finally did!


In we trotted. To give some small background General Thomas P. Stafford is a well respected Oklahoman, and indeed throughout the nation, a man who was an author, fighter pilot, astronaut and test pilot. He commanded Apollo missions.


Inside the museum there are a number of planes from the Wright brothers days to the Lindbergh non stop Atlantic flight in the Spirit of St Louis, WWI fighters, experimental aircraft and modern day marvels.


Then there is a whole section on space exploration including the Russian joint missions during the space race. There are replicas of satellite launchers from around the world and unique information boards to imagine how much 'John Deere' horsepower it would take to fire up just one F-1 engine.

Go on, you're dying to know right? Try 56,000 John Deere 9620R tractors equivalent! The Saturn V rocket used 5 engines so that's enough tractors to reach from Weatherford, OK to San Francisco, CA or 283,800 tractors end to end.


Anyway, from the information we read in the museum Stafford was a very influential man both in flight and space, not only flying during service, commanding missions in space but teaching others to do the same and his expertise in these fields earned him the highest honours and Congressional Space Medal of Honor.


All in all, this was a neat little museum and is worth a visit, takes about an hour.


Now it's been a wild weekend but I'll get to that tomorrow after the Wild Bunch dinner and awards are done.

Kat xo

P.S. Well it's today now as the bugs were finding the light of the iPad in the darkness last night. Wild Bunch Awards and dinner tonight. Will do Wild Bunch blog tonight! 🙂


Oklahoma State Wild Bunch

I guess I should start with a recap from last weekend before I get into the new stuff!

This past weekend the Territorial Marshal's hosted the SASS Oklahoma State – Red Dirt Wild Bunch.


We had 36 shooters from far afield as Canada, Florida, Texas and a couple Aussie Okies for good measure.


As usual the Territorial Marshal's – Hondo Tweed and friends put on a great Wild Bunch match, dinners, side matches etc. Stages were well written, degree of difficulty was standard but everything was well executed.

AAAannndd despite a few hiccups along the way (ahem for me, including not loading ALL mags required) everyone seemed to have a great time despite the heat.

Five stages Saturday, the other 5 on Sunday.

Jack and I both placed in our categories and Jack had a great finish overall in 12th place. With both of us taking our categories as State Champions. Oh yes, and Jack won a gun.


Thank you to all of Hondo and his crew for putting everything together, for John Elder and his outstanding meals and service.


We had our Texas friends Goatneck Clem and Captain Sam Evans stay with us which was a great catch up.

Congratulations also to Captain Sam Evans and Missouri Mae for taking top honours men's and ladie's overall!

Kat xo


The Week That Was

Not much exciting this week at all really but still a full week.

Last weekend we had cowboy on Saturday and Wild Bunch on Sunday wih the Territorial Marshal's. Pretty good run on stages and getting the 1911's working ready for State and End Of Trail.

A lot of cutting out, ready to get Pearl's outfits done, corsets a plenty, have even managed to throw a few pieces my way. Looking forward to later doing some little dresses for three tiny cowgirls.

Practice this week was good, throwing lead down range is always a good day anyway!!

Weather has been exceptional with the occasional tornado watch thrown in but hey! That's what you get when in Oklahoma! 🙂

Yesterday we hit a few shops, lazed in front of the tv and watched a movie with coffee and danishes. No work, no phones…..I'm sure each of us dozed off at least once.

Then to top it off it, went to the Dr's for Jack to get the stitches out of his thumb and head to Louie's (same car park, like we hadn't planned that!) for cheap beers and burgers!

Got to talk to a few kidlets and the grandbaby boys! FaceTime and Skype are awesome!

Now it's time to get up and get moving, enough of this laying around, bacon and eggs are calling and I can hear the geese on the pond!


Have a good one!

Kat xo


2nd Amendment Theme Park

I saw a picture on Facebook that said, “it's not a shooting range, it's a 2nd amendment theme park!” or words to that affect.

When you are involved in a shooting sport and especially one like Cowboy Action, that's what it does feel like! It's always amusing, we are always having fun, you gotta line up, there's rules and safety requirements and probably the only thing missing is height limitations!

Last weekend we headed to Red Castle and played up there, weather was sensational, with hints that summer is on its way.

Whilst neither of us shot particularly well that day, it's still a chance to test yourself, hone your skills and workout any issues – so it's not all about shooting clean all the time. 😉


Today we went to play with the 1911's. Not a full Wild Bunch practice but the pistol is what I need work with anyway and that's the point. Practice on where your weakness is to improve your overall match. (Hope you're paying attention!?) 😉

It was a little on the cool side after the cold front came through the night before but that's okay, hand warmers, gloves, extra layers – it's all good! Any day shooting is a good day – rain, snow or shine! Especially with the Territorial Marshal's as they are lucky enough to have facades that you can close up to the weather and run heaters should we require it! Feel pretty damn lucky to have the opportunity to call this a 'home' club when we are over here.


So from our theme park, to yours, whatever keeps you amused or wherever you may be, go get 'em pilgrim. (that last part was in my best John Wayne voice……in my head anyway lol!)

Kat xo


Land Run 2017

The last few weeks a posse of Territorial Marshal's spent time sprucing up the range, getting targets straightened and new ones made, new buildings and decking done, trees trimmed and so much more.

Land Run was coming and everything has to be right for the 300 odd shooters that would come to the Indian territory for one of the country's best SASS shoots.

The pre-shooting posse – our match directors and dedicated helpers shot the weekend before with glorious weather one day and a thick fog the next. Thankfully they didn't have to shoot in rain.

As the wind came sweeping 'cross the plains and with it the horsepower (of a different variety) carrying shooters from afar, so did the spectacular weather for the match.


Thursday, side match day and the ranges are a buzz with people catching up, chatting, hugging, laughing and that ever sweet sound of lead on steel.


Friday after opening ceremonies, 12 posses headed to their designated start stage. At the end of 6 stages I was clean and Jack had had 1 miss. There was a one in, all in shootout with new shooter Gabby Gertie shooting clean to take the title!!! Yay Gabby! A brisket dinner ensued and the. It was home for rest and an even earlier start on Saturday.


Our posse this time was fabulous, although we did miss Wild Horse John not being able to be here with us. We had Angus Red, Asa Smith, Bronco Lumpy, Cal Cogburn, Captain Lee, Copperhead Carson, G Rowdy Hook, Gin Dee, Insanity Jane, Jackaroo, K.C. Ranger, Kathouse Kelli, Kylie Coyote, Loco Vaquero, Moonshine, Prairie Drifter, Rusty Dove, Sally Ranger, Silver, Stonewall, Trent, and Vallian.


Saturday and it's the final chance to make or break! 6 stages complete, clean for me with a rifle reload and round the world on pistol. Happy days! Jack had a mishap 'P' and a miss to add insult to injury. He did have a great match otherwise.


Saturday night would be the tell tale of all. The foyer of my most favourite museum, the National Cowboy and Hall of Fame Museum has a bar set up and the costume judging was underway in a far corner. Once the doors opened at 6 we all headed in to sit down for dinner and the final hour of costume judging.

I must add that we had many spectacular costumes and accompanying stories this year, you were all amazing but I couldn't give everyone a plaque! Thank you for all those who did enter. There were plenty of fine dressed gentleman and ladies that did not and I hope you partake in the future.

With guns and other prizes given away, raffles from guns donated back for auction to raise money for Just L and awards done and dusted. There were many happy Cowboys and Cowgirls at the end of the evening and I congratulate you all!!! 57 clean shooters!!


Jack was very happily surprised to place 1st in Silver Senior! Awesome job man! Congratulations to the other Silver Senior's – Creek 2nd, Greasy Creek Slim 3rd, Matt Valentine 4th, Snake Oil George 5th, Half Fast Len 6th.


I placed first in my category Lady Wrangler alongside my good friend Belle Vaquera in 2nd, my lovely costume judge and friend Cheeka Bow Wow in 3rd and the one and only Misty Moonshine in 4th! Congratulations ladies.


I also placed 15th and 1st lady overall, with Creek County Kid taking the men's.


Another fabulous shoot in the Sooners and Boomers state!

Kat xo


What About Wednesday?

Yesterday started out with practice day, Wednesday 'work shirkers' found 13 Cowboys head out to the range to partake in 6 stages.

We did one of single target engagement, a Nevada sweep next and then a 5 round alternate with a 5 round dump. Repeat each stage twice, giving you a chance to perfect on the previous run or change things up. It's good for checking yourself, your equipment and well, really…..just an extra day to have fun shooting!

After burgers and beer, Jack and I headed for the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum, my all time favourite, to see the headdress exhibition before it finishes this next month.

As we headed down the main passage way the current short exhibition is 'The Artistry of the Western Paperback'. Featuring artists who illustrated covers etc for dime novels and more. Of course we had to get pics of our heads in the photo opportunity novels!


Then we made our way into the exhibition hall where the 'Power and Prestige: Headdresses of the American Plains' is housed. There is no photography in this exhibit but I did take notes!

Around the walls are some beautiful photos of tribal chiefs and warriors. There are also some drawings that were done by captured Indians being held in forts. Many depicted warriors and horses.

The headdress, like other forms of clothing or jewellery in other cultures, is a symbol of prestige, power, wealth and position in a tribe.

Some of the headdresses were made with the traditional eagle feathers with porcupine quills, horsehair, leather, silk and/or beads. There were smaller ones made with deer tail and one split horn piece covered in weasel fur. This one (photo courtesy of National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum website) made using ring-neck pheasant feathers.


There are also 5 distinct styles of headdress; flared, swept back, stand out, straight up and trailer. The trailer headdress are exquisite but I would think there would be a fair bit of weight in these also as they are the ones that usually reach the ground. There is an exceptional exhibit of one in another section of the museum that we have seen before.

As we made our way to the next exhibition I spied a familiar bronze statue. It was indeed a Frederic Remington! (Remember the Winter Range trophies from previous blog?!!) here is a collection of Frederic Remington works including, bronze, drawings, art and facts and tales of the artist himself. A chance meeting I do declare! 🙂


On into the 'Hollywood and The West' exhibit. What a stunning collection of photography by John R Hamilton. (Also no photography in the exhibit.)

His many views through the lens of some very scenic sunsets, snow, monument valley backdrops, are beautiful but it is his candid shots of the many western actors that he captured both during filming and off set that makes for an excellent (photo courtesy of National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum website)


For movies from the silver screen era such as Hombré, Silverado, El Dorado, Stagecoach, The Searchers, Sergeants 3, Revenge and more. Featuring none other than John Wayne, Paul Newman, Kevin Costner, Henry Fonda, Kirk Douglas, the 'rat pack', and of course the lovely ladies Shelley Winters, Anne Margaret, Bridget Bardot and a very young Natalie Wood.


From here we could see another interesting exhibit with that all familiar cowboy accoutrement – the bandanna. Aptly named 'A Yard of Turkey Red: The Western Bandanna' just had to be viewed while we were here. (Photo courtesy of National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum website)


The neckwear that became the most recognised cowboy attire, was usually used to keep dust and dirt out of the cowboys face whilst herding cattle. They kept their best bandannas for outings and like other species, some were more colourful in hopes of attracting the ladies.

Turkey red was a colour produced for dyeing cotton with the root of the rubia plant. An arduous process apparently in the 18th and 19th century, it was imported to England from the Middle East in the 1700's. Later even cochineal was used to dye and produce magnificent reds also. Indigo also featured in later years.

Around the walls the photos and cabinet cards feature Cowboys sporting their bandannas and although black and white you can clearly see the distinctive patterns on them.

The display cases house a number of different bandannas, some dating back to pre civil war (paisley pattern)1865. The thing that caught my eye however was a bolt of fabric still with its stickers on it. A gorgeous red with cream and what appeared to be navy, continuous floral design motif. Made by SH Greene Warwick of Rhode Island, it was gorgeous and I found myself looki at the end of the bolt to see if I could work out how many yards were left on it!

It was interesting to note that many of the later bandannas had dot or geometric designs on them. The paisley design came in around 1808, so named after the town it was produced in – Paisley, Scotland. However paisley is an English word for buta or boteh, the teardrop shaped design is actually of Persian origins. As we know it is probably the most significant or recognisable detail on the bandanna.

Later productions of bandannas had pictures and were often used for souvenirs or advertising. There was a bandanna with a castle featured but I didn't get the details of this one. I did however find on the Internet that a bandanna with Washingtons picture on it was produced in 1776.

All in all a great way to round out the day!

Kat xo