2 to 11

‘…7-3, 3-7, 7 to 11…’ unlike Kenny Chesney’s song (which is actually about work hours), beers here in LAX have gone from $2 at The Bridge last Friday to $11 per beer here! OMG! BUT it’s the bosses birthday so we can have more than one I guess (she says cringing).

However on our return to Border Grill when we found out our flight had been delayed by 3/4hr we got to discussing birthdays and our Columbian born bartender has a July birthday 2 days after Jack’s.

Cheers big ears! A shot of tequila with a beer chaser! Makes the time go faster if nothing else.

Here’s to the next leg and staying awake to watch enough Chick Flicks to get me by for a few months. Haa haa haa.

Kat xo


Perfect Pav

Well, given I am a faux kiwi this weekend…..they put the New Zealand flag on our tags for the Aussies….I think I mastered the latest pavlova for Wild Horse John and Saginaw Sue to sample!

Even have passion fruit pulp on it, thanks to Pearl Starr bringing some over!

Good stuff!

Kat xo

Torrington, WY

Today we took the ‘stage’ to Torrington to see the Pony Express re-ride. Here they did a changeover of horse and mail just as occurred in 1860-1863.

Outside Bomgaars Supply the horse and rider came through just as we arrived and managed to video! A minute later and we would have missed the changeover as they were slightly ahead of time!

One rider jumped off her horse, grabbed the mochila throwing it on to the next rider’s horse and then she was on and heading out of town.

The rider (Stephanie, hope that’s right) we spoke with has been doing it for 25 years now, she started with her Dad. Now her, her husband and kids do the re-ride each year.

The riders today do approximately 2 miles each (so as not to wear their horses out) compared to the past where the original pony express stations were 50miles apart. However they often rode 75-100 miles in a stretch changing horses every 10-15miles.

I had to laugh, her husband said they use 5 horses and a back up. Sounds like cowboy shooters – take what you need plus your backup’s.

I’m glad we got there in time to see it!

We headed into Torrington and made a short stop at the Goshen County Museum situated in the original South Torrington Union Pacific Depot.

It had some very interesting artifacts in there and also had the 1996 Pony Express mochila. The rider we spoken to carried the flame for the Atlanta Olympics during the 1996 ride.

Back we headed towards Hawk Springs (population 45) where The Emporium steak house was calling us for late lunch.

What a neat little place! Has a great cowboy decor and feel, beer garden and drive thru!

The steak and dessert were divine! Highly recommend a stop there or make the 80 mile trek from Cheyenne up there! It was worth it.

We headed back to Wild Horse Haven and doubt very much we will need anything much for dinner tonight!

Yours in touring

Kat xo

Time Flies

It’s been a busy week or two for sure!

Memorial Day weekend we flew the flag in remembrance of those who have served and fallen for this country.

Jack and I hit the range Saturday to do some drills and Sunday was the club match.

Tuesday I had the pleasure of doing some coaching, then Wednesday for range practice day.

All the while fitting in sewing, swimming, shopping and more.

The weather here has certainly taken a turn as Spring seems to have sprung and dissipated straight into hot summer temperatures. When you hear them speak of ‘cooler’ temps being 88F/31C then you know it’s hot!

It’s beer o’clock, margaritaville time and this weekend we will head to Cushing for a club match!

See you on the range somewhere soon!! Have a sensational weekend wherever you may be, whether with family or your shooting family!

Kat xo

Talladega, Alabama

For every motoring enthusiast and especially those of motor racing, NASCAR, and more, then a visit to the Talladega Speedway and International Motorsports Hall of Fame is a ‘got to do it at least once!’ deal that you don’t want to miss.

There is an abundance of cars from all eras of motor racing within the museum.

There are many cabinets with memorabilia from drivers photos, race suits, flags, helmets, collector cars, you name it! They probably have it there.

Three large connecting buildings house cars that are restored, some are still original and unrestored. There are a few wrecks from one of the largest NASCAR race accidents in history involving 14 cars in 1996. There are dirt track cars, drag cars and midgets. Throw in a few motor bikes just for good measure.

The Hall of fame honors men and women from motor sports with a cabinet holding a trophy and lit description of their racing career. Around the walls are drawings of recipients, spectacular paintings of race cars and outside there is even one of the ocean racing boats, Dale Earnhardt’s tour bus, Richard Petty’s plane. It’s wild!

Do you remember the movie with Will Ferrell as Ricky Bobby in, Talladega Nights? The museum also has Ricky Bobby’s Wonder Bread car used in the film! I need to watch that movie again now.

Next we took the tour bus over to the track. Bobby 😂😉 (not Ricky Bobby) was our host and as Bobby drove us around I tried to capture as much information as fast as my fingers could type.

Talladega is the biggest and most competitive track in the US for NASCAR racing.

The track is 2.6 miles long, 188 laps will give you a full 500 mile radius.

During race week it is estimated some 200,000 people would be here between fans, officials, drivers, crew, law enforcement, first responders, vendors, workers etc!

We entered the North tunnel that takes you under the track and into the infield where during a race some 50,000 people can be found camping!

The track has its own care facility/hospital for race days. The garages house up to 62 vehicles. Goodyear has its own building for tyres/tires changing and balancing any of the race cars where needed.

There are some specialty seating areas where you can join a club for a premium price to enjoy air conditioned restrooms, special food pavilion and covered seating with its own tv screens to enjoy the race on the whole track. This ‘club’ sits near the checkered line.

Moving right along and we didn’t get to drive round the track in the bus or get out to experience it.

Around the top of the stadium, in special booths, each team can have two spotters watching the race and feeding info back to the garage.

The track was built on a WWII air base. The two airstrips remain on the infield and are now RV hookup spaces.

Near the ‘front line’ there is a motor home hook up area called Front Runners club, Also pay a premium price for these spots. They have a view of a 4 stories high wall, where cars are going to be hanging on sideways above the yellow line!

There you have it, would lovvvve to see a race there but can at least say we have visited and taken in the sheer size of this famous speedway.

Shake ‘n’ bake!

Kat xo

P.S. there was no Lightning McQueen or Hudson Hornet kidlets 😉

The Great Spaghetti Western

Jack and I are headed off this morning down to Leonard, Texas and The Texas Ten Horns annual match – The Great Spaghetti Western.

What better way to start the weekend with rubbish on tv last night, we got to watching Sergio Leone’s all time greatest Spaghetti Western trilogy starring Clint Eastwood – A Fistful of Dollars, A Few Dollars More and The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

We got through the first two and will have to watch the other one later.

Wherever you may be this weekend and if you are shooting, tear it up!, have fun! and stay safe!

Kat xo