Pawnee Station

In the small town of Nunn, Colorado is the Great Guns Shooting Club where the Pawnee Station Annual shootout was held this past weekend.


Friday we headed down from Cheyenne for side matches and check out the ranges for the match. We had did a couple warm up stages, ran the speed shotgun, rifle and pistols 3 times and helped out where we could.


I spent some time with Agarita Annie discussing transitions and suggested runs on a few stages before it was soon time for Jack to do the Posse Marshal walk through.


Saturday morning and we are up bright and sparky early to go join the rest for Day 1 of the main match. Posse 1 headed by Jack, with myself, Wild Horse John, Wildcat Cliff, Lil Chicadee, Buzzard Wawkin, Duelly, Kid Canyon, Semi Colon, Home Range, Prairie Wind, Prairie Lightning, Prairie Sheriff, Blazen Vaquero, Sonora Blaze and Rooster Rick.


The sky was blue and cloudless, the sun bright and scorching as we set down into the 'bowl' for stages 1-5. A slight relieving breeze came through around stage 3.

Jack didn't start off crash hot but finished out the first 5 strong and I was clean.


Beer and relaxation was looking good for the end of day 1.

It's like dejavu as we head out Sunday morning for stages 6-10. Water was being consumed at a fast rate by all competitors and we were finished when the breeze started around 11.30am.

Clean match for me and just 1 miss the previous day for Jack. We had a great posse and even with 3 little Buckaroo's we got through our stages with everyone working efficiently.


Lunch was again provided by the barbecue place in Wellington. Saturday was pulled brisket and succulent turkey on buns and for Sunday lunch it was superb, fall off the bone, rubbed ribs. Sensational!

Awards started soon after and got done by about 2pm. Congratulations to the Pawnee Station Vindicators for another great match.

Jack was 1st in Silver Senior, 2nd Neuces Slim, 3rd John Mosby.


Congratulations to my fellow Lady Wrangler in 2nd place Pauline Mosby.


Jack had won Speed Pistol in the side matches and the Cowboy Challenge.

I took 1st overall with Avery Wade 1st cowboy overall in 2nd place! Congrats cowboy!


Thank you to all involved wih putting the match on. I know your number were down with other shoots on and it not being a state titles this year but your range beautification efforts, target placement and stages were great.

Kat xo



Greeley Stampede

Monday afternoon we headed off with Wild Horse John and Saginaw Sue to the Greeley Stampede in Colorado. The grounds were jumping with carnival rides, vendors and bars. John had organised great seats with a good view to the arena, the chutes and the bull riding when they made the arena shorter.


It was a well organised smaller rodeo with some great action throughout the course of the evening with events like Bareback Riding, Saddle Bronc Riding! Steer Wrestling, Tie Down Roping, Team Roping, Barrel Racing, Bull Riding and I think the highlight was the little kids doing the Mutton Bustin'. Hilarious! They would bring in a sheep, bucking and carrying on, grab a kid (rodeo riders in the making), get the kid situated on the sheets back and have hem hold on for dear life for as log as they could. One little cowboy in his lime green chaps rode the sheep just about the full length of the arena and of course won.


The rodeo announcer interviewed him after and as they say, kids have no filter when they are little and just tell it like it is.

Announcer: 'where did you get those chaps from?' Mini 5yr old cowboy in the sweetest voice: 'online'. The announcer was a little lost for words and then 'would you like to win a new pair of boots?' Mini cowboy: 'yes'. Announcer: 'would you give Miss Rodeo Colorado a kiss for a new pair of boots?' Mini cowboy: 'no!'

Haa haa haa, priceless, needless to say the boots were his prize for winning so he still got them and I think Miss Rodeo Colorado was just a little heartbroken lol!


The 5th generation of Beutler's (3rd, 4th and 5th generations to be precise) Bennie, Rhett and 11 yr old Jake rode the arena and Jake helped out rounding up stray steer's throughout the steer roping and the finale with the bronc's. The family from Elk City, OK are stock contractors and provide the horses and bulls for rodeos across the nation.


Had a blast, thanks very much John!

Kat xo


Revenge of Montezuma

We arrived into Cortez Thursday afternoon to a quick shower of rain. The range was looking great and Windygap Regulators had it well set up for the match.

Friday was sunny and hot with Long Range, Cowboy Clays, an afternoon warm up stage and a fun team match. Jack, myself and Lefty Jo did a run through and then we did another run with Dutch Bear – who I'm going to call 'lucky shot' now! Lol!


That night we headed to the Brewery with our Nederland friends Dutch Bear and Justice Ann. It was nice to sit and chat over dinner and drinks with you both.

Heading to the range early Saturday morning it was a little overcast but rain was not forecast until later in the day.

Hmm, well that soon turned around to be light rain on and off while we were shooting. The fine powdery bull dust soon turned to layers of mud and we all found ourselves about 3″ taller!


We had a great posse, everyone worked, laughed and had a great time! Hawkshaw Fred and I were Posse Marshal's along with Jackaroo, Annie D. Vine, San Juan, Hurricane Camille, Prairie Dog Brown, (Silky), Judge Ruger, Tumbleweed Wagon, (Sarah), Stan Wellback, Dallas Roarke, Hot Tamale, Cowtown Scout, Awful Ernie, Shotgun Shell, Private Pappy and Wooden Nichols.


We were pretty much done with 6 stages by 12.30pm and with lunch out of the way, the afternoon was free to do what you like. Having been out the night before and the weather was still a little indifferent, we opted for TV dinners and found a western channel with no ads! Uninterrupted, 3 old westerns I'd never heard of before – Gunfight in Dodge City, Bite The Bullet and can't remember the other one now.

2.12am – awoken from my slumber, thunderstorm and more rain!

Up at sparrows to head to the range as we were supposed to be starting again at 8am and it is awash with mud, puddles and still sprinkling.


Some were ready to finish the 4 stages but rightly so, the match directors called it. Everyone was given a 19sec stage for the 4 uncompleted ones and it was changed to a rank match given we all had shot a different 6.


With gear packed up everyone hung around for door prizes and eventually awards. There were a number of happy shooters who shot clean yesterday so got a clean match award, the famous Revenge soap, cloth and delicious fudge!

Thanks to Judge Ruger's wife, Sarah for getting the 'Aussie' contingent pic for us!


Jack finished 2nd in Senior. Congratulations to Quickly Downunder in 1st place and Kodiak Kid in 3rd place.


I was the only Lady Wrangler. Congratulations to all who placed in their categories!

New Zealand and Australia finished top overall. Congratulations White Lightning Jack on your overall win and I wish you all the very best for a great match at End of Trail!


It would be remiss of me if I didn't thank the Windygap Regulators for putting another great match despite the rain effects! As always your small group put in a huge effort to host the 18th Annual Revenge of Montezuma.

To all of you, especially Stumble Leena, Piedra Kidd and the Martin family we thank you again for having us! We all know the area definitely needed the rain too!

Well….We were able to do a late checkout in Cortez and secure our room in Moriarty for an extra night. So getting laundry on whilst packing, we were able to hit the road just after noon. We will be there late in the arvo and can catch up with others at Founders Ranch.

Have an awesome week and travel safely if y'all are still getting to End of Trail.

Kat xo


On and On….

On we travelled through the 'Land of Enchantment' with its ever changing vast open plains…..


to rocky outcrops….


taking on sculptural like features on an otherwise desolate landscape.


We have now arrived in Cortez for Revenge of Montezuma! A quick trip to the range, a change of hotels, a trip to Walmart and we are settled for the night.

Side matches start tomorrow!


Travel safe if you are on the road for EOT! If you're starting Wild Bunch World Champs, go get 'em!

Kat xo


“Molly” Brown House

Whilst in Denver for a day I took it upon myself to see what we could find to visit. Something new and different as we like to do when passing through different places.

This time I chose The Molly Brown House. A 120year old Victorian home on Pennsylvania Street, a stones throw from the Capitol.

Do you remember your Titanic history or the movie at the very least?

The Unsinkable Molly Brown, she became better known as, after she passed away. Margaret “Molly” Brown was so much more when you learn about her life.


If you go by what the movie says and you look at how she came to be rich, indeed “Molly” was of new money. (Not inherited family money).

She was from very humble beginnings of Irish immigrants. Working in a cigar making factory at age 18, her brother who had been mining in Leadville, CO sent her a train ticket and basically told her to get on it, come out and marry someone rich! At age 19, courted by one of the least wealthy men out there Margaret married J J Brown.

Luck however was soon to change! Whilst mining for silver, the finding of a large vein of gold and some copper took them from middle to high class overnight.

Now let's skip back to the Titanic bit. When we entered the back part of he house at the start of the tour, the whole “Molly” Brown and the Titanic was visited.

She had boarded the Titanic, on JJ's advice, to go back to the UK as a grandson had fallen ill.

Whilst on the White Star Line's impressive ship when the iceberg incident occurred, Margaret was quick to get on deck to find out what was going on. Staff advised her to go back to her cabin and that everything was okay.

Knowing what catastrophes could happen with mining, the quick thinking Margaret put on about 12 layers of clothing, shoved money into her pockets and disregarding the advice to stay in her state room, went to help others.

Of course by this time it was evident the ship was going down. “Molly” using her 5 different languages, assisted many immigrants with finding their way out and getting them into life boats. She almost didn't make it off until someone man-handled her, threw her into the life raft and had it lowered down.

Still thinking of others, Molly gave some of her clothing to other women in the boat who wore only night dresses and ordered them to row to keep warm.

Once back on dry land she was instrumental in helping immigrants get word back to their relatives that they had survived. Helped get them reestablished and assisted others with insurance claims.

…..skip forward or in reverse. Margaret “Molly” Brown even went up against the Rockefeller's in gaining rights for miners. She was influential in socialist reform for Denver – schooling, public bathrooms, parks etc. Womens rights were also high on the agenda and she loved self education. She would even let her servants sit in on her tutorials. She ran for senate 3 times, drove an ambulance for the Red Cross during World War I and helped found the juvenile court system (damn good thing as it meant 4 year olds for stealing could be kept separate from murderous criminals).

Despite rumours that Molly was not allowed in society, she had driven most of it and was only barred from one so called societal organisation.


Now let's get back to the house! This home was purchased by the Browns in 1894. Architecturally designed by William A Lang, it was purchased from Isaac and Mary Large for $30,000.

Photo: down left hand side of house from the back.


Skip forward again and after years of changes, made into a dormitory, falling in to disrepair and almost being knocked down for a car park! The house was saved by a group of historians and bought for a mere $5,000.

The house over the time has been lovingly restored – to my surprise and I guess to a historians absolute dream – Margaret had photographed and documented every detail of every room, and they have been able to restore much of it back to the original ceilings, colours, tapestries, crown mouldings etc.

Some pieces are original to the home but most are the same style that would have been used then.

Photo: restoration of tile work on the front verandah entrance.


So coming in from the back verandah area, the first room was JJs office that flows into a gorgeous library and music room. Beautiful lace curtains over a 3 bay window, ornately trimmed in timbers throughout. The bookshelves are beautiful with glass front covers. Items from overseas trips, a piano and reading chairs for this room.

Through to the right we entered the dining hall with its ornate artistic conservatory ceilings with palm trees in pinks and green edging (uncovered during restoration). The furniture is very ornate carved timber. Painted and textured dado walls.

Another gorgeous dress in layered lace fabrics from soft shell colours through to pink's and burgundy. A 1910 Edwardian dinner dress.

The Belgium tapestry was a huge piece that she had cut in half and mirrored and framed split on the wall to allow for a beautiful cabinet to display her glassware.

Into the left, the main entrance hall is richly embellished with anaglypta paper – looks like pressed tin – on the walls and the ceiling. It was painted gold to pay homage to their coming to money. The entrance has the only original light fixture in the house.

There is Turkish influence in the front room from her visits to Turkey. The original statues, retrieved from antique stores, held trays so if no one was home they could leave a calling card. I like that old style notion.

Besides the home being one of the first to have electricity, central heating and plumbing. They also had the first phone.

Photo: side window, can't see the stained glass properly, this is in the stairway first floor to second.


The formal parlour held the most expensive items where visitors were entertained, if you were 14years old you could enter the room and would play piano or recite poetry to show how well rounded you were and your suitability for suitors.

The ornate timber railing leading to the upstairs is all original to the house.

The second floor and sunroom are again all lined in the gold painted paper. Beautiful stained glass windows held a view to the Rocky Mountains no longer seen due to the buildings in the city now. There was also a small balcony that Margaret would have a band play for her visitors.

Photo: the arch windows were the sitting room and the small balcony to the left is where the band would play.


Servants quarters were on the third floor and a room used for women's suffrage gatherings etc. not open to the public as yet.

The first bedroom was the daughters, the bed is original to the home.

The second green bedroom was Margarets. Across the hall was JJs bedroom.

The other room to the right was her parents room and the last room was the son's bedroom.

The bathroom is still all original.

Down the servants stairs, very narrow and not much wider than my shoulders. Servants, like children in that era, should be seen not heard. If you went up you carried stuff up and if coming down you would bring down laundry or tea trays etc.

There was no railing and therefore they were narrow to use your elbows to stabilise yourself.

An 1889 annunciation exists in the kitchen, the bell would go, an arrow would point up to indicate which room required a servant.

The kitchen has been done as a 1910 kitchen, the butlers pantry just off the kitchen also has a door into the dining room. Beautiful cabinets exist in the butlers pantry and also a hidden canned and appliance pantry like those of today that are now coming in to many homes.


That my friends concludes the hurried note taking of The Molly Brown House visit. My mind or imagination goes wild when in these places, picturing the dress, entertaining visitors, the gatherings with servants for tutorials, Christmas but I'm sure it wasn't all roses! 😉

Kat xo

P.S. We had brunch at City Bakery and Cafe beforehand, divine toasted panini sandwiches and cibbati bread that we were given for first time visit. Fabulous food, coffee and baked goods, worth a visit, Sandy was very friendly!


Rough Riders Museum and through Trinidad

What a start to the day with a trip to Charlie's Spic & Span, Bakery and Cafe on Douglas Ave. Famous for their cream puffs!! But all their food is good.


The pastry cabinet was so inviting and I thought when we left the hotel I might over indulge in a cream puff. Ahhh, no, these things are bigger than your fist! And the chocolate eclair you would need four people to get through 1!


Many other biscuits and donuts, drinks, coffee (they serve Starbucks coffee in here) and of course a great selection of Mexican meals. Serving all day, Charlie's has been operating since 1960 and is decorated in all its 50's diner style.


I'll just have a short stack she says, holy moly!


…..and then there were more!


Onto the Rough Riders Museum, finally we get there after many attempts in previous years.


We met a gentleman named Brian who says he was the great, great, great grandson of Teddy Roosevelt. He grew up on Long Island not far from Theodore Roosevelt's house. What a character he was!


The museum is small but packed with information about the Rough Riders, their reunions and the life of Theodore Roosevelt. There are other items pertaining to the Harvey Houses, the railway era, the churches, west and east Las Vegas (when it was two towns separated by the Guadallupe River, and general life in New Mexico.

There are some 800 historical buildings and homes in this little town of Las Vegas, NM……not so little after all!


And so it's time to continue North.

We made stop for lunch and then a short stop in Trinidad, CO. There are some gorgeous buildings here as well.


The Museum was closed but we did duck into the Mt San Rafael hospital lobby and checked out the beautiful 28' X 12' ceramic mural depicting Trinidad life and history. Designed and made by Sister Augusta Zimmer, S.C.


Continuing on we will call in to the Cowboy Hotel (aka Aspen Filly and Aspen Wrangler) for a couple of nights before all of us head in to Fort Collins and Nunn for the Colorado State Championship.

See you at Pawnee Station!

Kat xo


Few Days With Filly and Wrangler

We arrived at Aspen Filly’s and Aspen Wranglers on Sunday afternoon and spent the next few days visiting with them.

Monday consisted of heading to the shop for me where Filly and I spent the day, chatting and sewing. Gym session in the afternoon before heading back to the house. Jack cleaned the car and the guns and enjoyed a somewhat restful day.

Dinner was had at Clancy’s Irish Pub – spectacular food and we all left there rather full.

Tuesday we started late and later went to Wrangler’s shop where it was sawdust and lacquer smells. Ahhh. Viewed some high end cabinetry these guys build and the went to lunch with his crew at Red Rooster Cafe.

Leaving Jack at the wood shop in Five Points (affectionately known as the ‘hood’) with Wrangler for a bit, Filly and I headed on over to Colorado Fabrics where I scored some fabrics for future projects and was happy to have been able to find them.

Jack got picked up and on the way home we had a ‘drive by’ tour of downtown Denver. Filly took us via the City Park, the City Golf Course, round past the Original old elitch’s gardens and fairground. We went past the theatre – Denver Centre Theatre Company – where Jane did 13 years of theatre productions. (12 shows a year) been a busy lady all these years and that wasn’t the only theatre she worked for at the time. (It’s the glass building in the pic below)

Buzzard Walkin and Lil Chickadee came over for barbecue and the 6 of us sat, talked and laughed til late into the evening.

Wednesday started with a gym session for Filly and I with a quick bypass to Inspiration Point, where we took in the views and got a little more exercise walking the pathway to the point.

The four of us then jumped in the truck and headed west in search of ‘white longjohn’s’ – mountain sheep butt’s in other words. Also deer and elk were on the list to find.

York Gulch road, the way to their mountain property and all along the way is gorgeous little wild flowers of all colours. Their trailer on the property sits up at 9600ft.


Down the mountain trail into Central City, an old mining town that now has casinos, fortunately some have kept the original facades. We saw the old Festival Hall, the Opera House and it’s neat little courtyard, Williams Stables building where opera shows are also held, Teller House still maintains its glory of yesteryear and the famous “face on the barroom floor” is protected under glass.


Had pizza and beer at the Dostal Alley Brewing Co for lunch.

From there we went to Estes Park via the Peak to Peak Scenic Byway.

We saw a moose! Yes a female moose grazing at the waters edge. Can just make her out in the shadows in the photo.

Trivia: moose, elk and deer have blood flowing through their antlers and are tender through May-August. Then they will shed their velvet and the antlers go hard. This occurs just before they start their fight for females and lose them before growing a new set each spring. The blood flow caps off at the base when they go hard and will start again come time for the new growth. If they are injured or a deformation occurs in the antlers, each year after the same deformation occurs.

Arrived in Estes Park 7522 elevation, time for a pit stop and ice cream, winding roads have been making us doze!

Here up on the hill, taking prime position, is the sprawling Stanley Hotel which is supposedly haunted. Built by Freelan Oscar Stanley of Stanley Steamer, it was opened July 4, 1909. He and his wife Flora moved to Colorado for his health. The hotel served as accommodation for wealthy socialites. It even had a hydraulic elevator and electricity!

Since the 1970’s there has been much paranormal activity and Stephen King has stayed there for inspiration for The Shining. Now that was a wicked movie!

Up into the mountains we go to 12,183ft. Along the way we got to see turkey, elk, bighorn sheep, mule deer. What awesome scenery, what an awesome experience on the whole!!

A great few days with great friends, thank you for having us!

Kat xo

July 23rd, 2015