Happy Thanksgiving!

It's thanksgiving here in the US and believe it or not, including the likes of Canada, Liberia, Grenada, Saint Lucia, and Leiden (in the Netherlands)m Norfolk Island just off Australia also observes this tradition.

As I sat this morning (I know, highly unusual for me to be doing jack $*#!) drinking my coffee and watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, I can say I am thankful for all our family, the friends we've made around the world and the chance to explore what this world has to offer.

I wondered, as I'd done the past couple of days, where the tradition had originated. This lead me to Dr Google of course finding many an explanation on Wikipaedia and other sources.

Of course most everyone knows it is observed with the likes of turkey, side dishes, pecan (lol, make sure you pronounce it as 'Pi-carn') or pumpkin pie, wine, family, football and more! It's a day for family gatherings for the holiday weekend (where as Christmas is our big to-do in Australia).


A long tradition of prayers and thanks in particular for previous year's crops and the harvesting thereof, tabled for all to enjoy. As early as the 16th century English traditions around thanksgiving and blessings came from acts of God, disasters and the end to wars etc, the most notable event relating to the US however was the landing of the new settlers into Plymouth (Massachusetts) 1621 and Virginia in 1619. And there's a whole lot more to that you can find on Wikipaedia

One must think back to whom the Pilgrims encountered when the arrived on the shores of Plymouth or Virginia and to that – the encounters with the Native American Indians. The Wampanoag had a great influence, giving thanks was a way of life to them on any given day. They were a part of ensuring survival of the newcomers whilst they learnt the ways of the land and how to produce crops in different regions.

There is a great school resource I found regarding that on an education site.


In any case, Jack and I rounded out the day with a couple of drinks, a dead chook, potatoes and peas. Topped off with caramel apple tartlets – when I get to making him a cuppa in a sec!


Wherever you are, I hope that besides the food etc it doesn't hurt to every now and then stop and give thanks for what we have.


Love and hugs to all

Kat xo



How Time Flies

Wowsers! We are already nearing the end of the first month of 2017! Time flies when you're having fun.

Sooooo what have we been up to?


Well, Jack and I have been enjoying the pool and getting in some exercise. (because it's warm in the bottom half of the world at the moment) albeit feeling like a lukewarm bath some days as the temperature has been a little unforgiving.

We have been out for lunches and movies a few times to get us out and about. That gives Jack a break from boredom and my eyes a break from the sewing machine. (I'll leave the sewing for the next blog…..'cause I'm still going!)

We have had a few shoots and will have the last two coming up this next couple of weekends before thinking about packing up for the next adventures o/s.

Jack has dealt with the bit of excitement (not how he really felt) of replacing dishwasher, and having burst pipes to deal with, carpet and swollen cabinetry replacements.

We have enjoyed brief moments with friends, family and really enjoyed the grand kiddies catchup on Boxing Day. Little treasures they all are and growing so fast.

My youngest was here again for a week which was both a pleasure and fun! I did manage to convince her to help me with a bit of sewing too for which I'm very thankful……..I need to teach Jack to sew…..well at least straight stitching.

We are looking forward to another eventful, jam packed, fun year ahead and can't wait to share more adventures with you soon!


Hugs to all!

Kat xo


Merry Christmas!

As 2016 draws to a close, I am reminded of the many adventures, scenery, museums, memorials, shoots and miles I have travelled to and from with Jack.

It has been another exceptional year that started off a little rocky whilst we waited for Jack to have his heart surgery. We can be extremely thankful for fantastic medical care and rehabilitation as it allowed us to continue with further adventures.

There are many around the world who are not in the best of health and to those we know we wish you all the very best in health and good spirits for a wonderful Christmas and New Year with your families.

The last couple of days has been spent with friends and today with Miss 20, we have had a day of eating, drinking, more eating and for her and I – baking Christmas treats for the Boxing Day gathering of Jack's kids and grandkids. It's been phone calls to family, messages, laughter, love and chilling out.


We wish you all a very Merry Christmas!


Lots of love and hugs,

Kat and Jack xo


Change of Sport

Last week before New Year we took some time out with the “kids” and went for a round of Putt Putt golf.


We had lunch at the tavern first and then hit the watercourse for some fun.

Well for 4 rather competitive players it was always going to be interesting from the outset.


It was a race at the start between Jack and Nick, Curstin and I later regaining a little (not really for me) with a 'hole in one' each.


We continued along the course completing silly putting requirements….


…and taking silly photos.


Jack soon took the lead, much to our disgust, shooting a total of '6 hole in one's' for the course.


The final result? 1st Jack, 2nd Curstin, 3rd Nick and yes, me, last. If I can smash it I'm fine, putting has never been my strong point.

A great day out. 🙂

Kat xo



Like A Kid At Christmas!

Oh wait, but that is me!! Hee hee hee

I got to go to the North Pole! Colorado that is.

Santa's Workshop, fun park and gift shop. Jack took me to the gift shop where we spent nearly an hour drooling over the gorgeous decorations and listening to Christmas music. (Was fun for me anyway!)

That's it! Didn't go on the rides in the park but looked good and plenty of families were starting to turn up for the day. Check it out.

Could say Christmas in July! Xo Kat