Happy Thanksgiving!

It's thanksgiving here in the US and believe it or not, including the likes of Canada, Liberia, Grenada, Saint Lucia, and Leiden (in the Netherlands)m Norfolk Island just off Australia also observes this tradition.

As I sat this morning (I know, highly unusual for me to be doing jack $*#!) drinking my coffee and watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, I can say I am thankful for all our family, the friends we've made around the world and the chance to explore what this world has to offer.

I wondered, as I'd done the past couple of days, where the tradition had originated. This lead me to Dr Google of course finding many an explanation on Wikipaedia and other sources.

Of course most everyone knows it is observed with the likes of turkey, side dishes, pecan (lol, make sure you pronounce it as 'Pi-carn') or pumpkin pie, wine, family, football and more! It's a day for family gatherings for the holiday weekend (where as Christmas is our big to-do in Australia).


A long tradition of prayers and thanks in particular for previous year's crops and the harvesting thereof, tabled for all to enjoy. As early as the 16th century English traditions around thanksgiving and blessings came from acts of God, disasters and the end to wars etc, the most notable event relating to the US however was the landing of the new settlers into Plymouth (Massachusetts) 1621 and Virginia in 1619. And there's a whole lot more to that you can find on Wikipaedia

One must think back to whom the Pilgrims encountered when the arrived on the shores of Plymouth or Virginia and to that – the encounters with the Native American Indians. The Wampanoag had a great influence, giving thanks was a way of life to them on any given day. They were a part of ensuring survival of the newcomers whilst they learnt the ways of the land and how to produce crops in different regions.

There is a great school resource I found regarding that on an education site.


In any case, Jack and I rounded out the day with a couple of drinks, a dead chook, potatoes and peas. Topped off with caramel apple tartlets – when I get to making him a cuppa in a sec!


Wherever you are, I hope that besides the food etc it doesn't hurt to every now and then stop and give thanks for what we have.


Love and hugs to all

Kat xo



An Awesome Day

A late wake up this morning, I got up and did the usual yoga workout and thankfully having seen 'Granny Annie's' post on Facebook was able to flick the tv over and take in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade!

Amazing! The floats had so much detail, good choices in entertainers and music, the marching bands, massive balloons and finishing off with the gorgeous Santa and reindeer float at the end.


So then it was time to get ready and go visit with friends – Melody and J.R.. We were welcomed into Russell and Vicky's (Melody's step sister) home, full of wonderful smells, wines, and their friends and family.


Wow! Made feel so welcome, an awesome home. I learnt the rules of NFL during the Chicago Bears and Detroit Lions game. Thanks Russell now I'm up with some of the plays! I have always been fascinated by grid iron but could never quite understand the rules. It's actually pretty easy – well for what I know now. I'm sure I have more to learn and still want to see a live game!

Anyway, the food was fabulous, like a large family Christmas at home in Australia. All the women in the kitchen, lots of laughter, the men sitting in the games room. Just amazing.

We had turkey – light and dark meat (yes apparently there is a difference and a preference!), cranberry sauce, dressing – or stuffing but called dressing when it's not IN the turkey, like cubed bread, celery etc, very good! Green beans and/or a green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, sweet potato, gravy and rolls. Sides like devilled eggs, celery with cream cheese, Bleu cheese, walnuts and cranberry. Cherry coke salad – which was sensational! Sweet but not overly sweet and another creamy dish which tasted good but can't remember what was in it.


And that, my friends, was just dinner/lunch. Dessert was a whole other experience! Pumpkin pie – traditional and a spicier version (I tried the traditional version and it was better than grammer pie let me tell you!), pecan pie, fruit pie, apple and cinnamon pastries, and an Italian decadent cake!


Yes we are stuffed by now! Oh and the cookies were a hit!

I'm so glad we were given the opportunity to experience a traditional thanksgiving. Thankful for such wonderful friends and thankful for this lovely family for welcoming us into their home.

Ahhhhhh feeling happy and content

Love Kat xo