Welcome to ‘Freo’

I took off Friday for the weekend allllllllll the way across the other side of the country to spend the weekend with my eldest daughter for her birthday.

The flights were running to time and the weather the whole weekend was just spectacular.

We started out with ‘Birthday Breakfast’ at The Merchant on the Rockingham foreshore. As we sat and watched the Park Run competitors come in to the finish, we feasted on eggs Benedict, zucchini and corn fritters and lattes with a view to the ocean.

We headed into Fremantle and began to walk off breakfast into the Fremantle Markets, taking in the sights, sounds and smells of a busy morning ahead for vendors.

We walked on down to the ferris wheel and through the park, checking out old buildings and wandering the rather quiet streets. Back to the markets and it is even busier with great dishes of paella being cooked up. It’s standing room only at most of the food stalls where we had honey chicken and fries.

Out of the markets it’s a quick view of the Fremantle Oval and a walk around the Gaol built of sandstone walls by convicts in days gone by.

After a quick stop at shops for supplies it was party time with a few of Kaitlin’s friends.

Bring on Sunday – we started a leisurely morning and headed back into Fremantle via the coastal route.

More walking we heading for the boardwalks around the bay and restaurants. We visited the Long Jetty Bathers House and on to the WA Shipwrecks Museum.

Ships have been hitting the shores of Western Australia via the Indian Ocean since the 1600’s. Many a ship has become shipwrecked and what a great museum of history this little gem was.

There are many anchors, recovered artifacts of China, glass, silver coins, pottery and so much more.

The largest exhibit being recovered sections of the Batavia pieces back together and on display with cannon’s engine housings and so much more.

This is a free museum (with a $5 donation) well and truly worth a visit.

Back through the park we headed for Little Creatures Brewery (wow Jack was really missing out this time) for lunch and beer tasting. A $12 sample tray gets you 10 beers and 1 cider for tasting. Pair that with a shared pizza and frites with aoli and what a way to spend an hour or so.

With our bellies full and our legs worn out we headed back to the car and back to Rockingham for a relaxing afternoon of movies, tea and fudge.

Love you Miss Kaitlin, had a great weekend. Mum

Aka Kat xo